Ann and Michael share a burning kiss, yet Ann states they can never repeat it…

Words Unspoken Chapter 6 Audiobook #officeromance #freeaudiobooks Find it on Amazon.

Words Unspoken Chapter 5 Audiobook #secondchanceromance

Ann reads some poetry from Michael’s old journals and is devastated to discover he might be in love with someone else… Buy it on Amazon. Listen on YouTube:

Michael faces some challenges #freeaudiobook

In this chapter of Words Unspoken, Michael faces communications barriers due to his new disability. While he is making progress with his health, can he make progress with keeping Ann by his side? Find out more with chapter four:

Michael turns to Ann #romancestory

Michael has survived the surgery. However, the doctors have had to injure part of his brain to successfully remove the tumor. Now Michael is left damaged. Realizing what he has lost, he turns to Ann… Find it on Amazon. Listen to Chapter 3 on YouTube

Michael stuns everyone at the board meeting #contemporaryromance

Michael transfers all of his Ramesly Pharmaceutical shares to Ann and resigns from the company. Ann discovers Michael leaving to go to the hospital to have a risky surgery on his own. Afraid, she finds out he could lose his life…. Find it on Amazon. Listen to the audiobook on YouTube:

Words Unspoken #freeaudiobook

Just his secretary. Ann Schaeffer has loved her boss for years but he has never picked up on any of the hints, small or large, that she has given him. Finally, she decided he never will so she has put in her resignation and is going to find her happily ever after without him. What …

A Happy Ending #romanceaudiobooks

Max and Piaget are slowly getting their lives together. They are working on a bright future and are planning their wedding. It comes as a surprise when Max’s brother Michael visits, asking for a favor… Find it on Amazon. Listen on YouTube:

A proposal plan gone awry #lovestory

While Piaget has lost the election for mayor of the city, she isn’t all that sad. Max has a romantic proposal which is ruined by a careless remark. However, all is not lost… Buy it on Amazon. Listen on YouTube:

Piaget confesses to Max #lovearomance

At her niece’s wedding, Piaget learns she has maxed out her credit cards. Her sister Tiffany pulls up her nose at Piaget’s dress choices. Does Piaget dare to wear the expensive dress she bought then return it after the wedding? Will Max help her out of a tricky situation? Buy it on Amazon. Listen on …

A Ring for Christmas Romance Book FULL AUDIOBOOK

Noah Ramesly, son of billionaire David Ramesly, has finally got a lead on his younger brother Max who has been avoiding the Ramesly family for the past three years. Noah is surprised to learn that Max is living in a men’s shelter, so he does what any concerned brother would do, he offers his help. …