You are invited to the wedding of the social season!

Dorothy and James Ramesly are pleased to announce a triple wedding. Their sons Gabriel, Parker and Marshall and their fiancées will be married at the prestigious Ramesly Hotel Resort.

This event is sure to be the highlight of the year, especially since no one is certain if all the grooms and brides will show up. Gabe and Britney are not getting married as predicted during the ceremony so what couple will take their place? Will Adriana’s family ruin the weekend? Just who is Marshall’s bride?

When a positive pregnancy test turns up, the Ramesly men try to sleuth out who it could be while Agent Kepler from the FBI keeps sniffing around during his own investigation.

It is never a dull moment with the Ramesly family as secrets get spilled, old enemies surface, and love blossoms in unexpected places.

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