“Character Development: Idiosyncrasies” watch on YouTube


“Research: where to find information for your writing projects” watch on YouTube


“Keeping a Timeline” watch on YouTube


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Is it your dream to write and become a published author? I did it and you can too! Watch my video and see how I can help you achieve your goals of a dream career and the lifestyle you want. “Tips for Writing/Publishing with Josephine” on YouTube


Watch “Tips on Creating a Book Trailer Video.” on YouTube

Things you should and shouldn’t do when creating a book trailer video. Plus an example of my first Book Trailer for my Ramesly Brothers series.

Watch “Keeping your business as YOUR business. What to do when you get advice.” on YouTube

keeping your business as YOUR business. What to do when you get advice.
When you run your own business EVERYONE thinks they can weigh in with their opinion. What to do when you get unwanted advice so you can keep your business as YOUR business.
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Watch “Writers Block” on YouTube

Three things I do that can help me to fight back against writers block.

Watch “Formatting an Ebook” on YouTube

Using Microsoft Word with a Kindle plug-in, this is how I format an ebook before uploading the file to Amazon. Step by step instructions.