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A Ring for Christmas OTHER SITESA Ring for Christmas, book 1 in the Ramesly Brothers Series

Noah Ramesly, son of billionaire David Ramesly, has finally got a lead on his younger brother Max who has been avoiding the Ramelsy family for the past three years.

 Noah is surprised to learn that Max is living in a men’s shelter so he does what any concerned brother would do, he offers his help.  What he didn’t count on was Elle, Max’s new boss, a raven haired beauty who challenges him at every turn.

  Elle thinks Max is hot but it’s older brother Noah that sends thrills through her blood.  Her mama always told her to find the man who can make her heart sing and Elle thinks she’s found him.  Too bad he’s dating another woman.  Can she convince him that she’s the one for him before it’s too late?


The Reverse Cinderella, book 2 of the Ramesly Brothers Series

From Riches to Rags.

Piaget Williems was a rich society wife who enjoyed all the finer things in life until it all came crashing down with the death of her husband.  Widowed for a year, she’s now trying to balance a budget, pay the rent on time and go to school, chasing an old dream and piling up on debts.  What she didn’t expect was to find true love.

From Prince to Pauper.

Max Ramesly is the youngest of Billionaire David Ramesly’s sons.  He used to work for the family business until a disagreement saw him banned and unemployed.  Max has sold all his possessions to help others that he feels were affected by a decision he made.  Now he’s broke but he’s still trying.  What he wasn’t looking for was romance.  However, once Max saw Piaget, he couldn’t help by try to win her over and be her Prince Charming, if Piaget would only let him.

Words Unspoken OTHER SITESWords Unspoken, Book 3 of the Ramesly Brothers series

Just his secretary.

Ann Schaeffer has loved her boss for years, but he’s never picked up on any of the hints, small or large, that she’s given him.  Finally, she’s decided he never will, so she’s put in her resignation and is going to find her Happily Ever After without him.

What he never said.

Michael Ramesly is the oldest of Billionaire David Ramesly’s sons.  He’s been in love with Ann for a long time but the boss doesn’t date his employees.  Now Ann has quit at a terrible time, right after a life-threatening prognosis.

Finally, Michael realizes the worst thing that can happen is losing Ann.  Can he convince her to stay when he can no longer say the words?

51mrbrfneal2061284578.jpgReluctant Husband, Book 4 of the Ramesly Brothers series

  Billionaire Dillon Ramesly hasn’t really been living.  Since the death of his wife and daughter, he’s just been trying to make it through the day with his two boys.

      Kelly Islington didn’t expect to have a crush on one of the wealthy and handsome Ramesly’s, but when she met Dillon she fell for him.  From general mishaps to her friends’ interference, she’s certain she hasn’t made a good impression on him.

      When custody of Kelly’s son is threatened by a corrupt judge, Dillion steps in.  While he wanted to help, he didn’t count on marrying Kelly.  It isn’t ideal, yet now that Kelly has him, can she convince her reluctant husband to be happy with her?

We all want to know what deep dark secret the Ramesly’s have been hiding…

Bethany Searson has been having nightmares from the elusive memories of her childhood.  Are they real or fabricated?  Undergoing a new therapy, she tries to sort out what really happened.

Andrew Colborne-Ramesly wants nothing to do with David Ramesly’s legitimate offspring.  However, after he rescues a Bethany from a situation, he realizes her life is in danger and he might need some help from an unexpected source.

Can Drew save Beth from a secret that could tear an entire family apart?

StrandedWithTheBillionaire-medwebStranded with the Billionaire, Book 6 of the Ramesly Brothers Series

Sterling Denver did whatever it took to get the story.  The famous tabloid writer had a reputation to uphold as one of the sharpest in the industry.

 Jake Ramesly was on a private flight back to the city to try to help sort out the mess in Ramesly Insurance after his father’s arrest.  He didn’t believe for a moment that his father was guilty and intended to get to the bottom of things.

Sterling knew that Jake was going to come back to the city.  She used her sources and her cash to bribe her way onto his private plane as a stewardess.  Now she had him all to herself for the six-hour flight.  Sterling was about to get an exclusive interview from one of America’s most eligible bachelors while his family life imploded.  Her career had never looked better.

 Then turbulence hit them… both in their temperaments and in the air.  The plan crashed, and Sterling found herself stranded with the billionaire.

UnlikelyHero-MedWebUnlikley Hero, Book 7 of the Ramesly Brothers series

Molson Colborne has always grown up with people looking down on him.  He’s made life choices that his family do not approve of, but he’s never let that bother him before, preferring to weather it all with a fine sense of sarcastic humor.  Now, he’s serious about helping his half-brother Michael after he feels responsible for Michael’s imprisonment.

 Holly Urshman has always done things by the book.  She doesn’t have so much as a parking ticket to her name.  When a client of hers has their life threatened, she vows to get to the bottom of what happened.

 It’s an unlikely pairing that neither of them wanted or expected, yet once they put their heads together to help the Ramesly family they find they work well as a team in more ways than one.

sweetvalentine-comp11545025990.jpgSweet Valentine, Book 1 of the Broken Ones series

Derek Kramer lives his life on a schedule – his boss Cynthia’s schedule to be exact.  He works sixteen to twenty hours a day with the woman and has to admit that his coworkers might be right when they call him whipped.

Cynthia Stone is a prominent lawyer headed for senior partner in the firm.  Until her sister’s death brings five nieces and nephews into her life, changing things forever.  Now she’s got to figure out how balance her workaholic life with being a mom to these children.

Derek thinks it’s the funniest thing ever!  His dragon of a boss can’t cook, clean, do laundry, or get gum out of hair.  How’s she going to look after these kids?

From parenting 101 classes to burnt suppers, the sparks are flying…

TheLovePlan-MedWebThe Love Plan, Book 2 of the Broken Ones series

Tiana Mitchell was tired of being poor.  She’d been poor her whole life.  It was time to get a plan and take a little action.

So she came up with an idea to marry rich.  Thanks to some kids cherry bombing the toilets at the public school, her son Patrick had the opportunity to go to a prestigious private academy for the rest of the year.  All Tiana needs do is find a single dad at the school, get him to marry her, and boom she’d be set for the rest of her life!

Chase Ellis was sick of women falling at his feet for his money.  He’d come up with a scheme to work undercover at one of the grocery stores chains that he owned.  He’d stock shelves like a regular guy and find a lady who would love him just for himself. 

At least, that was the plan… Until he met Tiana, who filled him in on her plan.  Then Chase thought he might just have to change both their plans altogether…

Kissing Katie AMAZON LARGE new coverKissing Katie, Book 1 of the Farm Country Series

Jackson Davis is in a panic.  Seven years ago he sent a manuscript to an editor as a joke.  Now he’s becoming a famous romance writer under the pen name JD Emerson, and his editor wants him to go on a tour, including an interview on a day time talk show.  The problem? He let everyone think he’s a woman writer.

 Katie Sutton is just not making it in life.  Her car is an oil gulping rust bucket, her hours are being reduced at the daycare center where she works, plus her rent has gone up.  She’s always had a crush on Jackson, her friend Trent’s older brother but he sees her as he always has, Trent’s buddy.

 Katie might just be the perfect answer to his problems if Jackson can get her to accept a position to pose as his pen name and do the tour for him.  She could be the face of his muse.  From mishaps, writer’s block and stage fright, Jackson and Katie are spending a lot of time together.  For the first time Jackson is really looking at Katie.  What he sees makes him think of taking the romance off the paper and into reality.


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