Switching gears, or in this case book series, can sometimes be difficult for me. Now that I’ve finished Convincing Him, I’m supposed to be writing Magic Brownies, book 2 of my Camping Girl mystery series. I admit, it’s hard to get my head out of the Ramesly series. I want to jump right in and […]


The other morning I snapped a picture of my dog Bean. It was time to get up but she was laying on my feet and stubbornly still trying to sleep. Of course, when I took the picture she’s looking all innocent. There isn’t time for much sleep right now. I’m working a full time job, […]

I’m back with new stories to tell.

Hope you are well. It’s been a long time since we talked.  I’ve been busy with school, family matters and generally feeling burnt out.  That’s why I took time to step back from writing. Yet I missed it so much!  So I’m back with new stories to tell.  I might release my books a little slower, […]

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A little break

Sometimes we need a break from it all. Writers are no different. Despite the voices of characters and stories mulling around in our heads, we just can’t sit down and get into the creative process. Some people call it writers block, others might call it waiting for the muse to strike. Sometimes it happens for […]