Do’s & Don’ts of Narrating.

When narrating your video or audio files, there are a few simple things that you should think about before getting started. Now these aren’t cast in stone, but they may make your life easier. Do: have a drink nearby. Something at room temperature. I recommend water. Or a warm tea. Don’t: drink thicker drinks like …

Create a Family Tree with Canva for your Characters #writingtips

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the juicy details of your characters. Who are they related to? What do they do for work? What are their SECRETS? In this video we talk about creating a family tree for those complicated fictional families which is very helpful when writing a series of …

Writing Wednesday 4 Real Time Writing with author Josephine Beintema

Welcome to Writing Wednesday episode 4. This week we discover more about Gerrit’s past, remind readers that Gerrit stole something from the Ramesly owned hospital, and Parker thinks up some plausible but unlikely explanations to excuse his cousin’s bad behavior. These are just some of the spoiler alerts as I write my rough draft The …

Pass your Amazon Audible ACX check!

Learn the secret to creating audio with Audacity which will pass the Amazon Audible ACX checks. You can narrate your own video, books, podcasts, etc with Audible, a free software.

Writing Wednesday 3, Real Time Writing with author Josephine Beintema

Parker went slightly off script in this scene. He wanted to talk about his thoughts on his childhood with his difficult father. While it does add to character development and the drama, this scene is meant to meet some strict objectives so it sets up for the next chapter and Parker is stalling my progress! …

Audacity Author or Narrator Settings Get it right the first time!

These are the settings I use in Audacity to pass my ACX checks for audiobooks on Audible. This is what works for me, it may work for you as well.

Watch “Time Blocking | Calendar Blocking | how time blocking helps authors” on YouTube

Watch “Time Blocking | Calendar Blocking | how time blocking helps authors” on YouTube

Watch “Authors Helping Authors: Writing to Market & Beta Readers” on YouTube