Writing Wednesday!

Josephine writes her latest novel The Wedding, book 10 of the Ramesly Brothers series. Get writing tips, spoiler alerts, insight into the characters, and more as Josephine writes. Watch her create in real time! https://youtu.be/jJQlb-vEGfE

Audacity as a free Narrating Software

I use Audacity as a Narrating Software for my audiobooks, videos, and more. It's free, easy to use, and creates a clear sound. If you would like to learn more about downloading Audacity please look at my YouTube video: https://youtu.be/AQdoJtIexSI This is part of my Tuesday Narrating series where I give tips on equipment, software, …


Audio Equipment: Get Started

Deciding on narrating audio for an audiobook, video, or other? Need to start without breaking the bank and sacrificing quality? Here is a video of what I use which can be easily ordered from Amazon. An initial $100 USD should get you started. I also show a couple of easy add ons which aren't that …

The Reverse Cinderella Chapter 2

The Meet Cute moment between our main characters Piaget and Max has happened. Will Piaget give Max a chance to keep seeing her? Find it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Reverse-Cinderella-Ramesly-Brothers-Book-ebook/dp/B07L51CS7Z/ Written and Narrated by Josephine Beintema https://youtu.be/LRevRIqXb9M

The Reverse Cinderella Audiobook Starts Today!

Enjoy listening as chapter by chapter drops each weekend during March and the beginning of April. Listen for free on YouTube as Josephine Beintema narrates the second book of the Ramesly Brothers series. You can find the video below. From Riches to Rags. Piaget Williems was a rich society wife who enjoyed all the finer …

Chapter 11 of A Ring for Christmas drops today!

Who will Noah choose? Can Michael stand up against his villian of a father? Will Elle get the man who makes her heart sing? Enjoy the RomCom Drama series The Ramesly Brothers. Find the audiobooks on YouTube or go to Amazon today. https://youtu.be/2Tu8FkgivZ4

Watch “Tips for creating a series of novels” on YouTube

Learn more on how to create a series of books.

Watch “What Would You Do For Love? 💕 Crazy Drama and Surprises” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/7aROl4VSIWs This Valentine's Month we bringing back Sweet Valentine and discussing the fun inside!

#short A Ring for Christmas Noah & Elle Dance

A small bitter sweet scene of Noah and Elle dancing. If you enjoy this, please listen to the audiobook on YouTube of A Ring for Christmas. https://youtube.com/shorts/MSAiFWm845M

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