I Make Mistakes :(

This week, my biggest mistake was being too impatient. I wanted to do so much but didn’t wait to make sure that I’d gotten everything lined up before I committed to.

How to Run Your Own Successful Book Launch

One of the biggest questions we have as a new author his how to gain publicity for our books.  One great way to gain more publicity during a release of a book is to have a book launch. Is having a book launch is a worthwhile endeavor?  Will we make sales from having a book …


Watch “Tips on Creating a Book Trailer Video.” on YouTube

Things you should and shouldn't do when creating a book trailer video. Plus an example of my first Book Trailer for my Ramesly Brothers series.

Watch “Keeping your business as YOUR business. What to do when you get advice.” on YouTube

keeping your business as YOUR business. What to do when you get advice. When you run your own business EVERYONE thinks they can weigh in with their opinion. What to do when you get unwanted advice so you can keep your business as YOUR business. #girlboss #entrepreneurlife #indieauthor

Get your voice heard!

This poll is created for new subscribers of Josephine's Tips for Aspiring Authors. I want to hear from you what you want to learn more about. Don't be shy!

Book Launch Worksheet

Get your own adjustable Book Launch Worksheet. I've done most of the work for you.  There are four lists including Marketing, To Do, Prizes, and Games.  There's also a full Launch Outline.  You can put your own information in and edit the document as you think of new ideas. The Book Launch Worksheet is on …

A Ring for Christmas, book 1 of the Ramesly Brothers series

She knows that Noah is the one for her. He knows it's complicated. Blackmail, family honor, and a romantic comedy that will keep you guessing until the end.

Watch “Behind the scenes of my author business Part 1 1st PA meeting.” on YouTube

Do you want to be an author? Here is some of he behind the scenes of what it takes to run my author business.

Watch “Writers Block” on YouTube

Three things I do that can help me to fight back against writers block.

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