Watch “The Reverse Cinderella, book 2 of the Ramesly Brothers series, chapter 1 Part 1” on YouTube

“Domain Names. As an author do you need one?” Watch on YouTube

Not sure if you should publish under your name or a pen name? Watch “Pen Names” on YouTube

“Research you should do before writing a book” on YouTube

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Introduction to “Josephine Beintema Author” on YouTube

Is it your dream to write and become a published author? I did it and you can too! Watch my video and see how I can help you achieve your goals of a dream career and the lifestyle you want. “Tips for Writing/Publishing with Josephine” on YouTube

Have you read my non-fiction book? Not Hungry Anymore

A little break

Sometimes we need a break from it all. Writers are no different. Despite the voices of characters and stories mulling around in our heads, we just can't sit down and get into the creative process. Some people call it writers block, others might call it waiting for the muse to strike. Sometimes it happens for …

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