Use Shorts to Advertise Your Book to Get More Sales #authortips

Remember when we used to do book trailers for Facebook ads?  Now you can do them on various social media platforms and more!

`YouTube has shorts, Facebook has Reels, and then there is TikTok which I admit, I’m still working on figuring out the music part.

Welcome to Social Media for Authors where we talk about ads, marketing, getting followers and views, plus whatever else I can come up with that fits into this category.  Today we are going to talk about three categories of YouTube shorts which can later be converted to Facebook Reels, plus TikTok videos.  Getting you advertising on multiple media accounts.

Some advantages of shorts are:

  1. Link in the description to audiobooks, amazon, your website
    1. If long enough, can put an end screen to a YouTube audiobook/video
    1. Remix: taking a 60 second clip of a longer video on your channel which will automatically link to the longer video

Some disadvantages of shorts are:

  1. Original content can take a long time to create for only a less than a minute video
  2. Remixing is only available on the mobile phone app
  3. Time constraints on your message: only 1 minute so must be concise

On the plus side, shorts can also help you grow your subscriber base.  Plus I reuse them by uploading them to Facebook as reels and am starting on the TikTok train.  Yes, yes, I know.  I’m late to that party.  But that’s okay.  People need new content to consume every day so I’m not worried about oversaturation of the marketplace.

Without further ado:

Our three categories of shorts we are going to talk about today to help advertise your book are:

  1. Ads
  2. Scenes
  3. Narration

Let’s dive into these a little further:

  1. Ads: a short which talks exclusively about your book, a character, or genre.

Examples are using your blurb and creating a book trailer.  Using Canva or a similar program to get appropriate visuals and doing a paragraph about one of your book’s characters.  I like to the main characters in my stories.  For example: Meet Elle…

See the YouTube video of this article here to learn more.


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