Do’s & Don’ts of Narrating.

When narrating your video or audio files, there are a few simple things that you should think about before getting started. Now these aren’t cast in stone, but they may make your life easier.

Do: have a drink nearby. Something at room temperature. I recommend water. Or a warm tea.

Don’t: drink thicker drinks like smoothies or carbonated. These aren’t easy on the throat and it may take more for you to clear them before you can resume talking. Don’t eat or chew on candy while narrating. No offense, but it creates weird noises.

Do: have a quiet place to narrate. Block time to make sure your space is uninterrupted. If you need to stop, do so at a break in the chapter or when the chapter is finished. Otherwise your background noise may be different when you return, or perhaps your voice tone, cadence, or volume might be different. These differences can be jarring to the listener who will then be less concerned about the story and more focused on why there is a difference. You don’t want to lose your listener because of inconsistencies in sound.

Do: have a comfortable chair, and have everything within reach you might need or want while recording.  I have my drink within reach.  I have my refills for water within reach.  I even have an electric throw to put over my legs which I can use to make myself more comfortable.  All of my necessary equipment is just an arm reach away from me.  Headphones, lighting, cordless mouse and keyboard.  Everything right nearby so I don’t need to go searching and get distracted.  Minimize leaving the space so you can control any sound inconsistencies as mentioned above and stay in the groove of getting your recording done.

Don’t: have pets in the room.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my pets but they are a distraction.  Even when sleeping my Boston Terrier Bean snores loudly!  Take the dog out to do it’s business, play with them, make sure they have been fed, then do what you need to do.  While it isn’t so bad to have a YouTube video with a pet in it, for your Audible or professional recordings, leave the pet in a safe place away from the microphone.

For more tips, check out the YouTube video below:


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