Max and Piaget reunite…

“We have a caller on line five,” Melanie spoke over the airwaves like it was any other caller, but she was practically dancing in her seat.

“Hello?” Piaget asked, hitting the button.  “This is Uni 5, Piaget here.”

“Hello beautiful,” said a familiar sexy voice.

There was a hitch in Piaget’s voice as she replied.  “Hi Max.  I guess you were listening.”

“I was.  It took me ten minutes to get through so I imagine a lot of people are listening.  It sounds like your program is a success.”

“It’s been going pretty good, thank you,” Piaget fiddled with her pen.  “Max, I want to say sorry for how I reacted when I found out about… about your housing situation.  It was a bit of a shock and I was upset.  I felt like I had been lied to.  My husband, Gary, he used to lie to me a lot and I just didn’t want you to be lying to me.  But you were right, you didn’t lie, you just hadn’t told me.  I’d found out before you were ready to tell me and I should trust that you would have told me when you felt ready.  I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” Max said.  “I should have told you sooner.  I promise, I will never intentionally lie to you, Piaget.  You mean far too much to me.”

Piaget smiled and wiped away a tear.  “Thank you.”

“Does this mean I can walk you home from work again?” Max asked hopefully.


Published by josephinebeintema

One day I had enough! I sold my house, quit my job, bought a Jeep and bought a camper! Now I'm set to travel North America and maybe even beyond with my BFF Bean (she's a Boston Terrier)

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