Max’s Plumbing: how things can go so wrong so quickly….

Piaget opened the door to find Max standing on the other side with a tool box.  She cocked her head to the side.  “You need to call before you knock.  I might not have been home.  Or at the very least, I could have put on makeup and jeans.”

“Makeup only enhances your natural beauty which you have in abundance,” he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.  “Plus, I get to see those beautiful legs.”

Piaget shook her head and decided to ignore the comment.  “What’s with the toolbox?”

“This?” He hefted the box.  “I thought I’d wow you with my skills.  How long has the bathroom tap been dripping like that?”

“For as long as I’ve been here,” Piaget watched him make his way to the washroom.  “Come on in.”

Max grinned over his shoulder.  “Thanks.”

Piaget followed him, watching as he opened the cabinet doors and started taking things out.

“Why doesn’t the superintendent fix it?” he asked, his voice muffled as he pulled out a handful of salon products.

Sitting on the tub, Piaget eyed her cutoff sweatpants and debated throwing them away.  She probably should replace them with something more appropriate, but they had been comfortable since she had put on some weight.  However, if she was going to have unexpected visitors like today then she really needed to get rid of them.  “I live in a building with inexpensive rent.  It’s kind of an unwritten rule that nothing gets fixed.  I learned that after I complained about the tap multiple times.”

“Well, it’s getting fixed today,” Max turned the shut off valve and then drained the water from the faucet.  “I watched some YouTube videos and got some advice from a guy at work.  Piece of cake.”

“You’ll have to forgive me if that doesn’t sound too confidence inspiring,” Piaget said dryly.

“It’ll be fine,” replied Max.

Find The Reverse Cinderella Chapter 4 on YouTube:

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