A little break

Sometimes we need a break from it all. Writers are no different. Despite the voices of characters and stories mulling around in our heads, we just can’t sit down and get into the creative process. Some people call it writers block, others might call it waiting for the muse to strike.

Sometimes it happens for a reason.

Recently I stopped writing. Gasp! I love to write. It’s a part of who I am. Yet I just couldn’t put words on the screen. I wasn’t feeling my best and it wasn’t working for me despite how much I love my fictional world.

It’s hard as a writer. Financially I’m not making enough to support my expenses so I had to get practical and get a job again. I’ve also enrolled in school again which means I’ll have much less time for writing. That sucks. So I took a little time to grieve the loss of being able to write full time. In fact, I had a good sulk about the whole thing. It hurt that I couldn’t have my dream right away.

However, in retrospect it was a good thing that I waited to continue writing my series. After my “break” I’m building more enthusiasm to keep telling my Ramesly Brothers series stories. I’ve come up with new ideas that will help to progress the series and 2 special books that will be a great bonus for fans. I’m excited to write again although I’m not certain where I will find the time!

So if you need to, take a break… But remember to always come back ready to write again.

Happy writing,



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One day I had enough! I sold my house, quit my job, bought a Jeep and bought a camper! Now I'm set to travel North America and maybe even beyond with my BFF Bean (she's a Boston Terrier)

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