When you publish/sell books on Amazon, you can create what is called an Author Central Page dedicated totally to you!

It’s free to have one, the only cost being the time you choose to put into it.  I think that makes it worth doing (anything that gives me exposure for free, is totally my thing!).  Plus, amazon shoppers can follow you on your Author Central page with a click of a button!

If you have an Amazon KDP account, you can sign up.  Just Google Author Central Amazon, and the link will appear.  Enter your information and shortly, you can edit your page which will look something like this:

Author Central 1.png

As you can see, there is a place to edit your Biography, insert a Blog feed from your website, share up to eight photos, eight videos, and tell your followers about any events that you have going on like book signings or webinars.

Amazon suggest that we share things that will make our readers connect to us, like professional and fun photos, pet photos, book trailers, a welcoming video from the author, and general information.

Then after you’ve edited your information, there click the blue link that invites you to visit your page and you can see what your followers will see.  This is what mine looks like:

Central 2Central 3

I also love how it shows other authors that my followers are purchasing.  That lets me know that I’m marketing to the right group.  If say, Stephen King had shown up in this category, I know that the wrong audience is seeing my books and I’d have to do something about that fast!

You can also claim all of your books in Author Central.  When you do this, Amazon will confirm that you really did write the book.  Then an email is sent to the people who follow you, telling them about your new release.  It’s automatic, and you didn’t need to do anything except claim each book as you release them.

For just a little bit of time to set up and maintain, I think it’s well worth the effort to get free promotion via Amazon.  So set up your Author Central account today!

Check out my video on how to set up your own Author Central Page:

Go To Video


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