One of the biggest questions we have as a new author his how to gain publicity for our books.  One great way to gain more publicity during a release of a book is to have a book launch.

Is having a book launch is a worthwhile endeavor?  Will we make sales from having a book launch online?  Is it worth all the effort it takes to do one?  Is there a list of things that an author can find and follow?

If done properly, the answer is YES to all of the above questions.

My first launch was totally unsuccessful.  I tried to team up with others who would share the time to talk about compatible products for a Valentine’s Day promotion.  You know the type of products – direct sales marketing types.  They would have fun products like oils, cooking spices, scents, romance items and more, while I was the one with the fun romantic comedy book.  It could have worked out really great, all of us getting a chance to open our customer horizon by showing what a fabulous date night a woman can have on her own.

But it didn’t work.

And I have only myself to blame.  You see, I didn’t prepare properly.  I had left a lot of it to the last moment.  I didn’t take charge of the proceedings.  Thus, it all fell apart.  Maybe some other time, I’ll try it again.  I still think that it could be a lot of fun.

With a book launch you can choose to partner with other people or do it all on your own.  Either way, a lot of the steps are the same.  For my book launch, I put together a plan.

Book Launch

Get Your Copy of My Adjustable Book Launch Party Plan Here!

From a detailed To Do List, Marketing List, and  a Launch Outline, I’ve got it together this time.  And I decided to Launch HUGE.  I went LIVE on three platforms.  YouTube, Facebook and Instagram so that all of my followers can see what’s happening.  I had a contest leading into the Book Launch.  I gave out hints out all week leading up to the launch for another game we played.  I had my new book release uploaded to Amazon ready to be sold and did a super sale with my other books in celebration of the Launch.

There are some serious things to consider when doing a Book Launch.

  1. Do you have enough of a following to create excitement?  Or can you find new followers by posting to other groups and diverting people your way?
  2. How much you are willing to spend.  There needs to be a budget for advertising and for prizes.
  3. How much time you are willing to commit.  It’s not a quick thing to throw an event of this size.  Depending on your skills, it could take between five to ten hours of preplanning time, then there’s the Launch itself which could be as little as forty-five minutes to a whole day affair.

I personally chose to do a smaller Book Launch that was packed full of fun.  It was easier for my budget, my time, and my energy.  Could you imagine doing an entire day?  Yet some authors do!

It’s important to create as much interest as possible for your Book Launch.  This means marketing it.  You’re going to spend a lot of time asking people to come, cajoling them with the promise of games, prizes, revealing things about your book and more.  It has to sound interesting, something that your readers would want to participate in.

We’ve all been invited to online direct sales marketing parties.  What is going to make yours stand out?  Do you have a theme?  Something super special?  A discount only participants can cash in on?  What is your big lure to get people to come?

Once you’ve got your lure, you can lure your people in.  HINT: Don’t forget to ask people to share about your book launch.  You’ll find several of your fans more than willing to pass the word.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!  I can’t say that enough.  I’m usually a wing it kind of girl and when it comes to Book Launches, that’s not good enough.  Give yourself lots of time to get things done.

Most of all, have FUN!  This is a chance for you to connect to your readers.  Social Media is all about making connections and building relationships.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a loyal fan base that will buy your books all the time.

Happy Reading and Writing!




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