March Social Media Schedule

Creating a schedule for all your social media campaigns can be daunting. However, there is an easy way to get organized! I personally create an Excel Calendar then put in color coded hints as to what videos I have created, video ideas to create, WordPress scheduled posts, and themes. Look at my video to see …

Watch “Words Unspoken, Book 3 of the Ramesly Brothers series, Chapter 1 as read by Josephine Beintema” on YouTube

Watch part 2 “The Reverse Cinderella, book 2 of the Ramesly Brothers series, chapter 1 Part 2” on YouTube

“Domain Names. As an author do you need one?” Watch on YouTube

Not sure if you should publish under your name or a pen name? Watch “Pen Names” on YouTube

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Introduction to “Josephine Beintema Author” on YouTube

Is it your dream to write and become a published author? I did it and you can too! Watch my video and see how I can help you achieve your goals of a dream career and the lifestyle you want. “Tips for Writing/Publishing with Josephine” on YouTube

Watch “Tips on Creating a Book Trailer Video.” on YouTube

Things you should and shouldn’t do when creating a book trailer video. Plus an example of my first Book Trailer for my Ramesly Brothers series.

Watch “Behind the scenes of my author business Part 1 1st PA meeting.” on YouTube

Do you want to be an author? Here is some of he behind the scenes of what it takes to run my author business.