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Derek Kramer lives his life on a schedule – his boss Cynthia’s schedule to be exact. He works sixteen to twenty hours a day with the woman and has to admit that his coworkers might be right when they call him whipped. Cynthia Stone is a prominent lawyer headed for senior partner in the firm. …

Chapter 11 of A Ring for Christmas drops today!

Who will Noah choose? Can Michael stand up against his villian of a father? Will Elle get the man who makes her heart sing? Enjoy the RomCom Drama series The Ramesly Brothers. Find the audiobooks on YouTube or go to Amazon today. https://youtu.be/2Tu8FkgivZ4

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Watch Josephine read A Ring for Christmas, book one of the Ramesly Brothers series, or just listen while you putter around the house. Click the following video: https://youtu.be/DyPW6CvWLG4

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Watch part 2 “The Reverse Cinderella, book 2 of the Ramesly Brothers series, chapter 1 Part 2” on YouTube


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https://anchor.fm/josephine-beintema/episodes/1st-chapter-of-A-Ring-for-Christmas–book-1-of-the-Ramesly-Brothers-series-e3vbfj For those of you who prefer to listen to podcasts, I have a new podcast coming out!  It’s going to be full of tips for aspiring authors, how I do my business on YouTube and bonus readings of my books by me, Josephine Beintema. I hope you enjoy and choose to subscribe to the …

Watch “Reading Time: A Ring for Christmas.” on YouTube

Josephine Beintema reads from her first book in the Ramesly Brothers series, A Ring for Christmas. The ebook is free on Amazon for May 7 & 8 2019.